About GTi Training & Courses

Theory and Practical Requirements

All theory work is to be completed at home, online in your own time. Once completed the learner will then contact the trainer to arrange a training date where all practical training will be completed. As the Face & Body institute prides itself on delivering a higher quality learner, a number of case studies will be required to obtain along with supporting evidence.

The learner must be accommodated within three weeks, they will have successfully completed the following the theory element of the course. The focus of this day is the practical training involved with the treatment. All learners are provided with a PDF manual to use as a reference to practice. In the event that the therapist does not reach the required standard, the school will be expected to provide a minimum of one hour's extra tuition at the end of the course, to ensure that the student reaches the required level of competence. If after one hours additional training, the learner has still not reached the required standard, then an additional practical training session will have to be arranged for which the student must pay an additional fee. The fee for additional training is £25 per hour.

Once all theory, practical session and case studies are completed the learner will contact the educator and if all evidence is sufficient a certificate will then be issued by the Guild.

Expectations on the day.

All learners will be required to wear salon clothing. Long hair should be tied back. Comfortable, closed in shoes must be worn. Minimal jewellery should be worn. If the learner thinks they may be contra-indicated or may have an infection it is very important that they contact the educator at their earliest convenience. The school will provide all the tools required to do the full treatment and treatment adaptions. Learners will bring a model to work on and will be notified what time they are required to attend. Water will be provided. Learners will be required to bring their own lunch. Full details of how to get to the venue, what time to arrive and expected finish will be sent to the learner 14 days prior to the assessment day.

Patch Testing

It is the responsibility of the school to ensure that they have adhered to the manufacturer's guidelines and carried out any product patch tests where required on models or learners who are due to attend one of their training courses and who will be expected to have a treatment.

Who recognises GTi courses?

Guild Training International courses are recognised by the Guild for membership and insurance purposes. This means that any student who holds a GTi qualification will be able to obtain the insurance they need from the Guild to work in the industry in the UK and Ireland. Guild Membership is also available throughout the rest of the world although insurance will need to be arranged locally. GTi training courses are widely recognised throughout the industry in the UK, Ireland and internationally. However, we cannot guarantee that the Guild courses will be universally accepted by all organisations and some licensing authorities may require additional qualifications. It is the responsibility of the training school to make learners aware of any local licensing restrictions.


Please contact the educator no later than one week prior to training to ascertain if a patch test is required. If models are required to have a patch test this will be arranged between yourself and the educator. All tests patches must be completed no later than 48 hours prior to the practical assessment day.